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Jannette Ampier

 Creator of The Open-Heart Ancestral Clearing®, she is also an Intuitive Empath, Spiritual Teacher, Energy Life Coach, Angel Channeler, Sacred Activations & Reiki Master, Mentor, Art of Neutrality / Chinese Energetics Practitioner, Medium, Access Consciousness Bars facilitator and Clairvoyant.

I assist people to embrace their gifts, to create a life worth living in and clear whatever is no longer serve them with ease.

 My passion is to help others to release blockages, traumas, promote healing, to find the right path, and empower them with confidence and awareness.

My unique gifts will help you to actualize your ideal life with more joy, ease, and awareness.

Using simple but powerful techniques you will learn to use your intuition to live a conscious, abundant, and more joyful life.

Being sensitive and aware is a great gift if you know how to be present and use your abilities.

I have helped thousands of people to tap in to their unique gifts to help themselves and others to change their lives.

You can be a contribution to the world by being your authentic self. I will assist you and help you release blockages, raise your vibration, heal, find the right path, and to be and feel empowered with confidence and knowing.

What would it be like if you created a bigger life and reality worth playing in?

Are you ready to step into your authentic self and true power?   

Is now the time?

"Dreamers are the people who know that the different possibility is possible"

- Gary M Douglas

I'm Ready to Talk

Are You Ready for a Quantum Leap in Your Life?

My greatest joy is to help you become who you really are.

Have you ever acknowledged that you are unique?

I invite you toward greater self-discovery, mastery, and personal transformation. 

You can go ahead and schedule a free15-minute Discovery Call with Jannette


                        One on One coaching, Intuitive guidance or healing sessions are not for you if you:         

  • Are looking for a predictive, heavily fact-based, 'fortune telling' type psychic reading.
  • Are not interested in lasting personal & spiritual growth, self-healing or conscious abundance living.
  • Are primarily seeking to be given 'all the answers' from an outside or higher source.
  • Are not comfortable with the surfacing of feelings and working on emotional healing.
  • Are expecting quick fixes & rapid transformation without your own commitment to work with what comes up for healing.
  • Want only a left-brained style of coaching and problem-solving.