3 months Intensive Mindset Energy Coaching Program

$ 3500 USD

12 weeks program

1 session per week of 75 min

5 e-mail questions / feedback, no longer than 200 words per e-mail (3) one on one follow up calls (Q & A) of 30 min ea. Text reminders of home play exercise and questions. Private Members only Facebook support group 

Investment - $3,500.00

or $900.00 per month (4 payments)

$900.00 Today, $900.00 in 30 days, $900.00 30 days later and $900.00 30 days later = $3,600.00 

Call for payment plan


6 months Mindset transfomational energy coaching program

$ 6500 USD

Reprogram & Heal. Energy Life Coaching Program


1 session per week of 75 min (24 sessions)

12  e-mail questions /feedback, no longer than 200 words per e-mail 

(7) one on one follow up calls (Q & A) of 30 min ea.

Private Members only Facebook support Group

Investment - $6,500.00

or $1,100.00 per month (6 payments)

$1,100.00 today,  and 6 payment of $1,100.00

= $6,600.00

Call for payment plan


For any of you not ready to dive into any of monthly program, you can book one energetic coaching session for $300.00 or get a package of five sessions for $888.00

1 Energetic mindset coaching session

$ 300.00 USD

60 to 75 min aprox

5 sessions package

$ 888.00 USD

Create a new reality, clear subconscious blocks and traumas. Rewire your brain and create a life worth living. Between 60 min to 75 min each session
- Choose to have your session by phone or Zoom (video chat)
- Personal access to Jannette throughout your time together.

 This program may include, but not limited to:

- Lear how to identify your inner guidance.

-  Resolve the past to create a future of possibility

-  Clear blocks to physical, emotional, spiritual and financial well-being.

 Explore deeper emotions and clear self-limiting patterns.

- Tools to keep yourself center and clear.

- Deep personal transformation by opening your Heart Energy.

- Energy transmission downloads and activations to assist changing mindset.

- Increased Clarity, confidence and Intuition

- Clearing Fears & Limitations

- Clearing and healing past lives

- Improved relationships

- Enhance quality of life

- Embracing change with ease

- Clearing judgements and points of view that limit you.

-  Recording of session thru Zoom

(Your point of view creates your reality. Nothing is real unless you judge it as so.) 

Chicago, IL 60626, EU | 630-618-6621

One to One coaching or healing sessions are not for you if you:
Are looking for a predictive, heavily fact-based, 'fortune telling' type psychic reading.

Are not interested in lasting personal & spiritual growth, self-healing or conscious abundance living.

Are primarily seeking to be given 'all the answers' from an outside or higher source.

Are not comfortable with the surfacing of feelings, and working on emotional healing.

Are expecting quick fixes & rapid transformation without your own commitment to work with what comes up for healing.

Want only a left-brained style of coaching and problem-solving. 

  Mentoring / Coaching is not therapy, Spiritual life coach / mentor does not diagnose or treat disorders. Coaching holds clients to be whole, resourceful and creative, fully competent to live the lives they are meant to live. We focus on your current challenges and how best to meet them. Put simply, coaching is a professional partnership that supports the client in achieving personal, Spiritual and professional growth and development, leading to the achievement of extraordinary results.


* Your  appointment time is reserved for you and you only.

If unable  to keep your  appointment, please call 24 hours in advance to avoid charges. 

 Thank you kindly.