What is an Energy coach?


An energy coach shifts your thoughts and feelings so you can improve your life. This is a process of understanding what's negative and then reaching for the positive. Thoughts and feelings create energy throughout our bodies. The vibrations from this energy acts upon our moods and confidence. Your energy coach teaches you to be mindful of these forces. With understanding comes control. And then you can make breakthroughs toward a better and happier self. 

What does an Energy coach do?

An energy coach helps remove the barriers that are in the way so individuals can live the life they have always dreamt possible.
These barriers can be stuck thoughts or feelings like: fear, denial, procrastination, lack, unhappiness, judgement, anger, confusion, or doubt. Many types of energies within you could be keeping you stuck. Your coach works with you to create a new mindset that will set you free to achieve in new ways.